Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anya Marina & Death Cab For Cutie Official Video Soundtrack For New Moon

Today is New Moon Premier in Indonesia, but unfortunatelly I don't get the ticket! DAMN!
Maybe tomorrow I will go to watch "NEW MOON"! But for now, I found the Video of Anya Marina ( Satellite Heart ) and Death Cab For Cutie ( Meet Me On The Equinox ) for New Moon soundtrack!!

Anya Marina ( Satellite Heart )

Death Cab For Cutie ( Meet Me On The Equinox )

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Movies that You Should Watch based on its Trailer!!

These are the Movies that you should watch in theather based on the Trailer that I found on Youtube :

1. Chrismast Carol

2. 2012

3. Newmoon ( Twilight Saga )

4. Cirque Du Freak : The Vampire's Assistant

5. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Hope there great trailer comes with great movies too!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 : Dive Deeper

After the judging, the girls is still shocking because Tyra pick Erin instead Brittany, and Sundai have problem with that, she think Erin is just some little brat. In the house Nicole and jennifer still discuss about Brittany eliminate they think she, always got called first and now she got eliminated! In the other hand, now Jennifer think Nicole as the huge competitor in the house.
They got Tyra mail, it says : "You never know what could come to shore I hope you look appropriate, love Tyra".
The next day, is Laura Birthday, Erin and Jennifer make her a birthday breakfast! Then they go to beach and they saw Marissa Miller ( Supermodel & Victoria Secret's Angel ). She teach the girls how to pose sexy, the girls have role in sands and pose sexy in the shower. After that, they go to photoshoot challenge with Nigel Barker in there, and they have to jump from the cliff to the sea and pose while they in the air! The Photographer is Jono Knight. First girl is Laura and she did ok, then Erin jump, Nigel said she was gracefull, then Nicole, she jump completly profile, Nigel and Marissa thinks she's wrong! Then Jennifer jump and she did ok too, the last girl is Sundai when she jump, her face hit the water.
Turn out Nicole is the winner of this challenge, she got $5,000 chocolate pearl necklace and get extra frame, then she have to choose friend, and that girl get more frame too, then she have to choose another frame too and so on after the last girl not get extra frame. Nicole choose Sundai, Sundai choose Laura, Laura choose Jennifer and the last girl is Erin, she don't have extra frame!
In the house they make a birthday party for Laura, and Erin make cupcakes.
Then they got Tyra Mail, it says : "Tomorrow you'll be getting friendly with some local natives". The Next morning they go to the port and go to the sea and they have to take a picture underwater with photographer Russell James. They shoot with this beautifull dress and scraf!
First girl is Laura, she freak out underwater but Russell said she still make the shoot good. Then Nicole, like usual she take a good pictures. Then Jennifer, Mr. Jay said she take a beautifull shoot. Then Sundai, she complain about her asthma and her ears heard. Jay said her pictures kinda -ish! Then Erin, Russell said she's blew an opportunity because she not going deeper.

At the judging, Marissa Miller is the guest judge.
Sundai is the first girl, they said her angle is good because she look taller, but she lost her face. Tyra said she have to go deeper!
Next is Laura, they said her body language is beautifull, but she not looking for the light.
Next is Jennifer, her picture is wonderfull! Her legs look longer!
Then Nicole, her face is beautifull, she found the light but Ms. J said her legs is not good.
Last is Erin, Tyra said she look beautifull but they can't tell it's Erin, because she lost her face.
Here are they pictures and they called out :





Sundai ( Eliminate )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mikey Wax

When I open my youtube account i saw there is one new friend request, and I wonder who is she/he..
It's turn out to be he..
and his name is Mikey Wax! When I open his account I found out that he is a singer and songs writer!
Then I try to hear one of his songs, and I LIKE this one, "In Case I go again" :

To find out about him, check out his songs on Youtube : Mikey Wax / his Myspace :

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 : Let's Go Surfing

The girls find their house condemned, with Tyra telling them it is too filthy to live in. However, she soon reveals that the girls are going to Hawaii for the remainder of the competition by throwing a Hawaii-themed party in the yard. Upon arrival, the girls are stunned by their house and Jennifer is freaked out by the fact that her commercial is being played in at least five different rooms.

The girls are then taught how to surf by Buzzy Kerbox. After, they are given a challenge where they have to pose on a moving surfboard with a male model. Erin, Brittany and Nicole excel, while Sundai and Laura stumble. Erin is crowned the winner and, despite the rising tension between her and Brittany, picks the latter and Nicole to share a helicopter ride above Maui. While Nicole and Brittany enjoy it, Erin is upset with not winning a tangible prize yet again.

At their photo shoot, the girls are photographed by Tyra while portraying women of mixed heritage, like Hawaiian hapas ( mean : Half )

And here they are portraying 2 differents cultures :

Nicole : Malagasy & Japanese


Jennifer : Batswana & Polynesian
( Not look like Jennifer, but she's rock it! )

Laura : Mexican & Greek
( It's good )

Sundai : Russian & Moroccan
( She's drowning in that dress! I Think she must be the one who got eliminated! )

Erin : Tibetan & Egyptian
( Broke down, like this! )

Brittany : Native American & East Indian
( It's not bad and not good too, it's ok! and she must not the one who got eliminated! )

Finally, ANTM comes up with a BRILLIANT IDEA! I think this shoot is the best shoot ever! Mix race? GREAT!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Simpsons Maniac !!

Just wants to show you all how I LOVE/ADORE the SIMPSONS!!